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puce Bayrou signe le pacte proposé par Nicolas Hulot

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bloc_h_g 53% des Français pour un duel Royal/Sarkozy bloc_h_d
53% des Français pour un duel Royal/Sarkozy
source :,,

A quoi ressemblera le second tour de l'élection présidentielle? Selon un sondage Ifop pour le Journal du Dimanche, plus d'un Français sur deux (53%) souhaite voir un duel entre Ségolène Royal et Nicolas Sarkozy. 45% sont d'un avis contraire et 2% qui ne se prononcent pas.

Les résultats de cette enquête laissent cependant entendre que Jean-Marie Le Pen et François Bayrou pourraient jouer les trouble-fête : 10% des sondés disent qu'il y a des chances qu'ils votent pour le président du Front national et 8% qu'ils voteront sûrement pour lui au premier tour, soit 18% au total, un score supérieur à celui qui a permis au dirigeant d'extrême-droite d'accéder au second tour de la présidentielle de 2002 (16,86%).

30% d'intentions de vote pour Bayrou

En revanche, 81% des personnes interrogées affirment qu'elles ne voteront en aucun cas pour Jean-Marie Le Pen. Le président de l'UDF recueille pour sa part 30% d'intentions de vote : 3% des sondés disent être sûrs de leur choix et 27% affirment qu'il y a des chances qu'ils votent pour François Bayrou au premier tour, le 22 avril.

Ils sont 68% à dire qu'ils ne voteront en aucun cas pour le dirigeant centriste, qui avait obtenu 6,84% des suffrages exprimés le 21 avril 2002. En octobre 2005, Jean-Marie Le Pen et François Bayrou obtenaient respectivement 19% et 36% d'intentions de vote.

Il est assez bizard de voir l'intention de vote de Bayrou et de Lepen à coté d'un sondage d'intention de vote pour le couple Sarko-Ségo, pourquoi l'article ne reprend pas les intentions de vote de Mme royale et de M Sarkozy indépendement. On voit bien qu'il y a deux candidats et les autres ...  
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mother of the bride dresses tea lengthdresses, you should know some basic styles. Homing dresses is a typical example. When there is such an occasion, special designed dress is needed. Typically, occasion dresses are made in materials that are not your everyday fabrics. mother of the groom dresses Difficulties, here are some guidelines in your pursuit cheap prom dresses , which may help you experience the best dress, her perfect match. Most, one of the few strategies have their own wedding party head, in which case you may also start your research of your wedding party dress, than the 6-9 weeks before the wedding date. If you want to create a ready to install the occasion short prom dresses , short prom dresses you have the desire to create a costume just for you, you must have enough time seems to boutiques and other stores. This will be the best time frame plan to meet your needs, it seems the model , 2013 prom dresses the elements to make your wedding party dress in use. mother of the groom wedding dresses Each girl will understand their system type, which means you may choose to dress, to flatter your system type. Can learn the key measure of your system, it will be one of the most outstanding, providing


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trendy and considerably desirable wedding ceremony gown replica breitling watches for sale ; nonetheless, these people need to devote additional bucks for discovering these kinds of kinds of outfits. These days marketplace is flooded up having a plethora of wedding dress auctions websites precisely where a broad range of styles and designs of these outfits are existing and that also at considerably much less pricey charges. As we know that nowadays in a hectic routine it's extremely tough to do door to door purchasing because of lack of time. Consequently, consequently a large quantity of men and ladies come to really feel completely totally free to acquire the merchandise by indicates of on line buying methodology. Honestly talking, you'll get benefited with numbers of brilliant benefits the moment buy wedding ceremony gown from a reputable Wedding ceremony Gown Auction internet specific of the very best positive aspects of employing such methodology is which you may also get a price comparison function that aids a entire lot in buying the dress at rock bottom costs replica rolex watches for men . fake watches Correct here, you are able to discover a broad collection of wedding outfits that match each and every single and each and every single fashion, sensibility as successfully as body. Bunmi Sonupe has been making web material for prolonged time. The author provides the ladies using the information on numbers of web websites which provide an enormous assortment of utilized new wedding ceremony dresses. The author is mainly focused to supporting engaged partners get the most use from Web wedding ceremony sources corum replica watches , Wedding Gown Auction. Post from This entry was postedon Saturday, July 9th, 2014 at 1 replica iwc watches for sale:10 amand is filed under .You can follow any responses to this entry through the feed.Responses are currently closed, but you can from your own site. Document Gorgeous Bridal Footwear that Complement Formal Wedding ceremony GownsBeautiful Bridal Sneakers that Complement Formal Marriage ceremony Gowns By: Gary Carranza When a bride selects a marriage ceremony gown to wear on her distinctive day, her perform is significantly from above. She nonetheless requirements a veil, undergarments, jewellery, and her all critical footwear. Shoes, like anything else replicas watches , need to match the model on the gown. When she has chose to go formal for the wedding, the bride really should ensure that her footwear are formal, also. The easiest decision is really a easy pump. Classic and attractive, the pump will complement any marriage ceremony gown. But it s further special when it s a Jain Dyeable Closed Toe Substantial Heel Pump. This shoe is covered in soft white satin for fast use. Or it could be dyed inside of a veritable rainbow of shades to match her marriage ceremony gown. The spherical toe makes certain convenience, even though the three and one fifty percent inch heel and fifty percent inch platform give the bride the regal peak she needs as she walks down the aisle. A different formal shoe which has a playful aspect will be the Fifi Metallic Leopard Print Peep Toe High


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